Benefits of meditation

Meditation is something which we already do in everyday life allowing us to focus on the task at hand – but the depth of meditation is superficial. The events around us in the world soon rob us of our attention and our concentration is gone. The mind that wanders outside our own body is the source of all types of suffering. By deepening our meditation until our mind comes to a standstill we can unlock the potential and unused ability within. We maintain a balance of mindfulness and happiness for ourselves bringing contentment and direction to life in a way not possible through any other technique.


Benefits of meditation

Meditation is a part of everyone’s life, not least the life of the householder, family life and life in society – contributing to peace in the world.

Those who practice meditation earnestly in their everyday lives are all sure to witness progress in their practice. The followings are 10 examples of the meditation benefits for householders:

  1. In the face of negative external circumstances, it brings a genuine sense of freedom and choice instead of feeling stress or a victim of one’s circumstances. One will be able to remain relaxed and at ease in all situations, without even having to close one’s eyes. One’s working efficiency is boosted along with one’s tenacity in stressful situations.
  2. One becomes better able to make the distinction between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ concerning one’s own and others’ possessions.
  3. One has a cooler head in dealing with problems, better able to control one’s temper, and in case of upset, more quickly able to recover one’s cool.
  4. One becomes a better teacher to oneself, particularly to snap out of grudges and feelings of resentment, reducing one’s tendency to envy. If one’s meditation practice becomes continuous, one’s character will be slowly transformed from aggression to tenderness and compassion.
  5. One becomes a better listener and discerning what is useful or useless in what they are saying, applying the useful part – while being able to accept criticism and improve on one’s shortcomings.
  6. One becomes quick-witted and on the ball in decision-making and work, gaining a constructive and practical outlook on life.
  7. One learns more easily to see matters of the cycle of birth and death according to their reality. One becomes non-reckless, with a thorough understanding of karmic causality which inspires one to dedicate oneself to virtue and good deeds.
  8. When one has an accurate understanding of where one’s duties lie, one gains a sense of responsibility, not showing reluctance or squabbling over work – especially when it comes to performing good deeds.
  9. The person practicing meditation is apt to have a stronger health than his peers in similar environments, because he is not subject to stress and is better able to maintain positivity of mind.
  10. Regularly practiced meditation will lead the practitioner to develop good nature, refreshens and liveliness. They will tend to age slower than others and will be loved by others.

Thus, meditation is especially important for all those leading the family life – for everyone who lives under the same roof as others.