All of the activities as organized by Wat Phra Dhammakaya and its different branches in Thailand and abroad are aimed to improve the quality of life by encouraging people to be moral, self-giving, conscientious, ready to help others in need, and a role model citizen. In other words, these activities are aimed to help people abstain from unwholesomeness, perform what is wholesome, and keep their mind bright and clear.

Daily and monthly activities include chanting, practicing meditation, offering food and other requisites to the venerable monks, lighting candles, making a resolute wish, etc. Annual activities held on important days in Buddhism include lighting peace lanterns on Magha Puja Day, offering requisites to the venerable monks in different temples nationwide, training morality teachers on Earth Day, giving scholarships to different schools and their students to promote role model youths on Meditation Day, etc. These activities also serve to promote and perpetuate wholesome practices in society.

During each merit-making activity, attendees are encouraged to give alms, observe the Precepts, listen to Dhamma lectures, practice meditations, etc. These practices work to improve the attendees’ mental and spiritual health such that they are more inclined to try to break any bad habits that they may have. They are encouraged to cultivate Right View. They become better equipped to live a more wholesome life, improve familial relationship through joint activities, and help create unity and harmony in the community. Training courses are provided for youth leaders and leaders in the community, in small and large organizations, in different provinces all throughout the country. The aim is to teach and train every attendee to meet with their life objective which is the removal of suffering and the attainment of true happiness.

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