International Collaboration


On July 19 – 26, 2010 (2553 B.E.) in India, a program was organized for Buddhist men and women in India to practice renunciation. In addition, the lighting of floating lanterns was organized in different cities such as Mumbai, Kalyan, Nagpur, Murtijapur, Balaghat, and Ahmednagar. These activities are part of the effort to help revive Buddhism in India, restore Buddhist culture, create a network of virtuous friends, and promote the concept that economy and spirituality must go hand-in-hand.

The Dhammakaya Foundation and the Kalpana Saroj Foundation organized a candle and floating lantern lighting event as homage paid to the Lord Buddha in the city of Karachi, India. Thousands of Indian people attended the merit-making event.


The mass ordination program of 1,112 novices at Lumbini, Nepal was held on November 10-28, 2011 (2554 B.E.). The ordination ceremony was attended by a large number of Nepalese and Thai people.


The mass ordination program of 126 novices in Indonesia was held on December 21-31, 2012 (2555 B.E.). The ordination ceremony was attended by a large number of Indonesian people.

Sri Lanka

The presentation of 222 Dhammakaya Images took place on June 13, 2008 (2551 B.E.) at Bernard Aluviharaya ground. The President of the Sangha Assembly of Sri Lanka presided over the ceremony. And the event was attended by 2,000 monks from all over Sri Lanka as well as the ministers of different ministries, senators, and a large number of laypeople.

The World Peace Ethics Contest in Sri Lanka was held on August 15, 2010 (2553 B.E.) by the Sri Lankan Department of Religion and Wat Phra Dhammakaya. The contest was held in more than 300 centers nationwide. Altogether there were 10,000 teams and 30,000 contestants. Today, the contest is participated by more than 20,000 teams and 60,000 contestants.

The presentation of 250 Dhammakaya Images in Bangladesh took place on May 7,2010 (2553 B.E.) in Chittagong. The ceremony was attended by a large number of Buddhists as well as representatives of different temples. The front page of different newspapers was filled with news of the event.
On March 18, 2554 B.E., the World Peace Ethics Contest in Bangladesh was held for the first time. There were 10 exam centers, 509 teams and more than 1,500 contestants from four cities in the Chittagong area.

A program for Buddhist men and women in Bangladesh to practice renunciation was organized in Dhaka and Chittagong in June 2011 (2554 B.E.) by the Dhammakaya Foundation, the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth or (WFBY), and Bouddha Juba Parisad (Young Buddhist Association of Bangladesh) or BBJP. (1) In Dhaka, the program was from June 17-22, 2011 (2554 B.E.); (2) In Chittagong, the program was from June 24-30, 2011 (2554 B.E.) The mass ordination program of 294 novices in Bangladesh was held on January 2-18, 2012 (2555 B.E.)


Kalyanamitta Centre (Singapore) celebrates Visakha Puja by organizing an exhibition where people can cleanse the Buddha Image, light the candle to worship the Holy Relics, receive blessings from listening to the monks’ chanting, practice meditation, etc. Monks from every Buddhist School in Singapore and people of other religious faiths are also invited to attend.

Every year in Penang, Malaysia, there is a Visakha Puja Day Procession. This activity has been organized every year for about 25 years now and this year the procession was along Burmah Road, Georgetown. The activity is organized by Penang Visakha Puja Day Committee under the supervision of the Malaysian Buddhist Society with the support of 33 organizations. The activity draws more than 6,000 people this year.

Thailand-Myanmar Jointly Organized Three Historic Events in Dawei

On 6 November 2014, the Dhammakaya Foundation and the Bhikkhu Sangha of Myanmar organized three historic events in the city of Dawei, Myanmar: alms-offering ceremony to 3,000 monks and novices, pilgrimage by 1,000 monks and novices, and a lantern lighting ceremony as homage paid to the Lord Buddha.